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"Only connect" -E.M. Forster

I’m an Alberta-based freelance writer, pulling at loose threads to see what unravels — and then making sense of the mess. I often cover climate, LGBTQ2S+ issues, mental health, and parenting, but the threads can lead anywhere. You can find my work on HuffPost Canada, The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, Xtra, Today’s Parent, and more.

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The Walrus · February 11th, 2020

Count me in: How universal health care fails queer communities

Early one October, Nick North arrived at a Calgary hospital feeling a mix of fear and excitement. He had long felt that his body did not match who he was inside: he had been assigned female at birth but did not identify as a woman, and the day had finally come for his gender-affirming top...

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The Globe and Mail · December 12th, 2019

Sorry, Jason Kenney, Education is Always Political

The idea that education is always political comes from the work of renowned Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, who said “teaching is never a neutral act.” To pretend that it could be, to try to remove politics from the classroom, risks removing students’ ability to discern bias and teachers’...

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Toronto Star · November 1st, 2019

Scarlet letters and green rage: The climate change backlash is being directed at women

While I lived over half my life in Ontario, I’m now in Alberta, ground zero for climate skepticism. I want to have open discussions in my community, but as an environmentalist, I have to be vigilant about what I say and to whom. I’m also a freelance writer and for every climate-related article I...

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TVO · July 25th, 2019

How soaring temperatures are affecting Ontario’s homeless

“Health is a political decision,” says Doris Grinspun, CEO of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario and a long-time health leader and social advocate. Grinspun knows better than most that heat amplifies health risks, particularly for the homeless and under-housed. “We have a public-health...

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Medium · April 19th, 2019

5 Modern Versions of Tired Parenting Cliches

Most parents have a list of phrases they heard and hated in childhood — and then vowed never to use on their own kids. Things that annoyed them, or frustrated them, or just felt like an arbitrary imposition of rules: Because I said so. Don’t make me turn this car around. If your friend jumped off...

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Xtra · December 13th, 2018

I’m Married to a Man — and Queerer Than Ever

Two hours after I vowed to spend the rest of my life with husband, I kissed my first girlfriend. We were playing that ubiquitous wedding game: a guest stands up, clinks a wine glass and models the kiss they want to see from the newlyweds.In this case, we were each instructed to find someone of...

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